Monthly Archives: December 2013

No time for nothing

This is getting really annoying.

I mean the fact that I only post for like, once every three months(!!!). This is the first time in my life that I find it hard to find time for the things I love. Stationery stuff, crochet stuff and Etsy stuff, even a lot of the spend-time-with-the-kids stuff, all pretty much on hold. Talk about BAAAAD conscience! Boo.

While I really like studying for becoming a practical nurse (and studying, period) and almost every subject is very interesting, I do not like the fact that it consumes all of my time, even some wee hours of the night at times. Being an adult student in an adult class means that we don’t have any “normal” studies that the kids’ class does (Finnish, PE, mathematics…) and the pace that we’re going at is very hectic. From last week until Christmas we have a major test every week, sometimes two – all of which have to be passed (and I don’t like bad grades, either!) before starting a six-week training period on January. That’s a lot of studying. A lot of not crocheting (except the little I have been able to do at school, you know, on those 5 % of the not-so-interesting classes… whoops). A lot of missing out on Instagram. A lot of disrespecting my Travelers Notebook (a big sigh right there!). A lot of saying “no” to the children. A lot of not blogging. Did I mention BAAAAD conscience?

On top of all that, I have a Christmas market coming up on 8th. A lot of not crocheting doesn’t really fit in that equasion. I’m attending with a friend of mine, who has her own life FULL of everything at the moment, but she seems to have an extra 40 hours in her day JUST TO MAKE STUFF! I can imagine our sales table being stuffed to the full on the other side and not so full empty as hell on the other. O_o

Some Christmas ornaments. I am pretty well stacked with these. And only these.


Some other stuff I’ve been planning to make for the Xmas market

  • heart ornaments (big and small)
  • heart reflectors
  • flower hairclips
  • pot holders
  • what the hell am I thinking?!
  • S baskets
  • coasters
  • stuffed dogs

No biggie. Insert some panic laugh here.