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In way over my head

First, this post is NOT related to the doughnut post whatsoever (I haven’t had any) 😀 But, I am going to admit that the year without any treats is not going to work.

I was fine about two weeks, but then I found myself cheating and hiding stuff. I didn’t like it at all. The amounts didn’t increase or anything, but it was my pride that wouldn’t let me be open about it; I had announced that I was going to do this, so I didn’t think I had a choice. I’d rather be honest with myself and my family, and enjoy a “legal” treat every now and then than having to sneak around over a cookie or two.

So, the candy-free year is back to being just that; a CANDY-free year.

Ice cream rules.

A candy-free year

I’m now going public with the announcement that I have taken up a task from my “Before I die” list; give up candy for a year. Woo…

Today is the first day of that project, and so far (been out of bed for about 90 minutes) I’m doing just fine 😉 Chocolate will be the most difficult to leave behind. And ice cream. And chocolate ice cream. *sigh*

To add to my forthcoming pain, I’ve decided to expand this to a little more than just candy.

So without further ado, here’s a total list of what is banned and what is not.

Banned completely:

  • candy
  • chocolate
  • ice cream
  • potato chips
  • sodas

Allowed on special occasions* (those would be family birthdays, anniversaries, mother and fathers’ day etc.):

  • a slice of cake/pie/whatever is up for grabs


  • home-made pop corn
  • xylitol chewing gum
  • sugar-free sodas

So, wish me luck (I know I’ll need it…)!! 🙂

*special occasions occur in my family about ten times in a year

Progress on “Before I Die”

I got to cross over “See the Northern Lights” from my list! And I didn’t have to travel to Lapland, either. A walk in our driveway was far enough. Of course they’re not as vibrantly colored as they would be in Lapland, but noticeable. And quite rare this far south. BEAUTIFUL. I’m happy.

Before I die

Oh yay! I have made some progress with my “Before I die” -list! Progress is always good, right? 😀

I got to check off the Etsy shop and learning to ski. This winter my son T got his first skis, and so it was a no-brainer for me to get a pair as well. Turns out (after more than 15 years since I last tried) that it wasn’t so hard (you know, a few inches at a time, on a completely flat ground) after all!! We’ve since gone skiing a few times now, and even made our own ski-way (sorry for the incorrect word… 🙂 ) on a field in the back of our house. It’s so cool; all you have to do is step outside, jump in the skis and go!

And to think I once hated this marvelous sport! Thank goodness for changes of minds.

Such a happy face!

Such a happy face!