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A year of Instagram

Celebrating my first year on Instagram, I thought it would be fun to do a little summary of what I have been up to on there. 🙂

On Instagram: 53 weeks
Photos: 256
Followers: 90
Following: 183

March 2012

20130329-175844.jpgThis is my second ever picture. These doily rugs were for customer’s bedroom, they’re 60 cm in diameter (and lovely!) I fell in love with this photo so much that I chose it to be on some of my business cards.

20130329-175957.jpgThis was taken on a cruise between Finland and the second best country in the world – Sweden. There were me and a friend, and our kids. Had the greatest time! 🙂

April 2012

20130329-180252.jpgWhipping some eggs for four(!) sponge cakes. In our family we have a lot of kids born in April (on 2nd, 12th, 14th and 19th + my Dad on 29th), and rather than having to visit someone every weekend, it’s nice to throw one huge par-tee for everyone! Last year was the first of this tradition and it was me who was the coordinator then.

20130329-180552.jpgA stack of coasters ready for a market.

May 2012

20130329-180907.jpgMy Girl E’s very first time in a tree (can ya tell?!)
20130329-180956.jpgStrawberry margaritas before a movie. In the greatest company of two of my closest friends, J and J. 🙂

June 2012

20130329-182124.jpgI made some new friends on a summer trip to an amusement park.

20130329-182156.jpgOne of my favorite quotes. So true!

July 2012

20130329-182340.jpgA fuzzy bumble bee at our entrance. I helped him get back outside after this snapshot.

20130329-182418.jpgFeeling the wind on his face 🙂

August 2012

025Speech bubble paper clips from Papernation. Lovelovelove!

023Djeco stickers. Lovelovelove!

September 2012

036Washi tapes from Etsy. I made the mistake of taking a peek of washi tape projects on Pinterest, and the rest is history.

087Rainbow cake for E’s second birthday. I was quite nervous making it, but it turned out great (and HUGE)!

October 2012

154Selfie from the road. I don’t know what happened to my mouth, though… 😀

125My favorite thing about my favorite season. Picking mushrooms! We try to find a new place every year, but some of the best ones (like the one in this photo) are old and remain everyone’s favorite. This particular place was found by my grandma, who passed the secret to my mother, who again passed it to me and my sister. A kind of family heirloom.

November 2012

20130329-182931.jpgA piece of our “Christmas” lights. They hang in the doorway to the kids’ room, and they love it as their night light. They’re cheapos from Ikea, and have been hanging there for over two years now (lit most of the time), I’m surprised happy they’ve last this long.

IMG_3132Someone disagreed with craft night 🙂

December 2012

20130329-183113.jpgI think this is such a beautiful picture. She’s so gorgeous! Meow.

20130329-183148.jpgCheese platter at my family’s Christmas dinner. Yummy!

January 2013

20130329-183305.jpgA birch tree in its winter outfit.

20130329-183337.jpgScrap yarn project.

February 2013

20130329-183442.jpgBlocking makes a huge difference. It’s still annoying, though.

20130329-183503.jpgAfrican flowers and a Finnish cat.

March 2013

20130329-183705.jpgMy all-time favorite journal/diary, Midori Travelers Notebook. Only gets better with age. And you can’t go wrong with Lamy fountain pens!

20130329-183740.jpgYES! Finally last week we got to ditch our winter boots and dig out the wellies! Not long before it’s flip flop time… 🙂