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A lot of times I feel guilty for not playing enough with my kids. I think it’s kind of sad that a lot of adults lose the ability to let go and be kids! And it’s really not that hard, once you get your mind around it. But still I’m definitely one of those parents, unfortunately. It just doesn’t come naturally anymore. Often times I whip up something more important to do lame excuses. There’s definitely room for improvement here.

Rather than actually play with my children, I love to read for them, play board games, paint or do other crafts. I guess that’s more than some parents do and I should cut myself some slack, but still… I say “no” too often. 😦


But with Legos it’s a different story. I can’t get enough of them! It is seriously difficult for me to pass the Lego section at markets without buying stuff. I think I’m supposed to teach my kids that they can’t get toys every time we do our grocery shopping, though. BUT IT’S HARD! MAMA WANTS 😀 Whenever someone in our family is having trouble figuring out what to get for which kid for their this-and-that celebration, I have an answer ready. 😉

We have Duplo Legos at our house; they suit better for My Girl E – who turns three come fall and is tiny! And My Boy T (five in a couple of weeks) has also been happy with them. He has only recently started to show interest in the “real” ones. Can you guess what he’s getting for birthday? 🙂