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Before I die

Oh yay! I have made some progress with my “Before I die” -list! Progress is always good, right? 😀

I got to check off the Etsy shop and learning to ski. This winter my son T got his first skis, and so it was a no-brainer for me to get a pair as well. Turns out (after more than 15 years since I last tried) that it wasn’t so hard (you know, a few inches at a time, on a completely flat ground) after all!! We’ve since gone skiing a few times now, and even made our own ski-way (sorry for the incorrect word… 🙂 ) on a field in the back of our house. It’s so cool; all you have to do is step outside, jump in the skis and go!

And to think I once hated this marvelous sport! Thank goodness for changes of minds.

Such a happy face!

Such a happy face!