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Long time, no see

Uh-oh. Someone’s been the mother of all lazy bloggers. My apologies. On my defense, though, it’s been somewhat busy time for me. We spent a lovely week and a half at the family cottage, some 500 kms from home.

At the river My girl E My boy T

It was a total getaway for all of us, and every single one of us shed a few tears when it was time to go home. Because of the distance, it is not very often we get to go there. Usually once a year (twice, if we’re very lucky). I had some me-time there, and finished a crocodile stitch bag I started at the beginning of summer.

Croco bagI LOVE IT!!! My mother-in-law loves it too; I’m now making her one as well. 🙂

Then things got a little exciting for the whole family (some more than others 🙂 ). I got accepted into nurse school YAY! And with that, my five years of being a stay-at-home-mom were over. The kids started at kindergarten as I went back to school. Hubby’s life didn’t change much, except for the occasional pickings up from the daycare and participating a little more a lot more in chores at home. Well, I guess that is also quite a big change. 🙂 Kids like the daycare very much. My girl E had some trouble at first, but it didn’t take long for her to adapt. My boy T likes it so much that it doesn’t matter what time they are picked up, he always yells at me for coming too early. “Mommy you’re stupid, you’re SOOO STUUUUUPID!” Gotta love him. 😀 😀

T had another big change related to the daycare, a haircut. There is rule there that long hair must be tied up during meal times. The “girl stuff” wasn’t an option for a five-year-old’s larger than life ego, so off to the barber we went.

HaircutWhen I went to pick them up after his hair had been cut, it took me a while to realise that he was already standing in front of me! He looked so different. 🙂

In my class there are 18 pupils – 17 girls and one lucky boy. 😉 The youngest is 18 yrs old, and the oldest is approaching 50. I should be a ready nurse in little over two years. The work situation here in Finland is very good and I look forward to stepping into the career world. 🙂

I have had very little time to do any crochet. Always a little something, though.

mega basketA mega t-shirt yarn basket to store more t-shirt yarn…

20130909-122506.jpgA few pot holders.

So, that’s my excuse for not having been very active with my blog. A life! 😉


First things first, sorry for the long pause here. Been hookin’ hookin’ a lil sum’n sum’n. No time for postin’ postin’. Yea I know that’s the lamest excuse there is, but I couldn’t figure out a new better one!! 😉

Here’s a bathroom set for a customer. I love the turquoise color! She said she has a lot of dark grey in her home, and I think the turquoise will fit perfectly in there. A nice pop of color. Happy happy joy joy about this one.




A red one for another customer.


The ladies who ordered these, are neighbors. I only found out about this when I was making plans with the turquoise lady to deliver her set (and hadn’t started on the red rug yet). We agreed that I would deliver them that same evening, after my son’s track and field practise. Enter a big buck idea: “Why don’t I be very fast and efficient and make the rug during the practise!” And so I did tried. And failed. By one round. But still, it was some sort of a record for me. YAY for me! Plus I got some bonus points for “maintaining age old traditions and doing it with the wrong hand” from another kid’s grandmother sitting near me at the practise. YAY for bonus points and age old traditions!

OK, here we go!


I love crocheting!

I started out learning in 2011 (before that I was an avid knitter), and have been literally hooked ever since. Crocheting is my way of relaxing, celebrating, taking some time just for myself. I love every aspect of my hobby obsession; yarn, hooks, crochet books, blogs… I have now taken the plunge on my own crochet blog. 🙂 Last december I opened my own Etsy shop, so there’s a lot of new stuff for me. This blog is supposed to focus on those two things, but knowing myself there’ll be other stuff too. To give you a heads’ up, go check out my “I like” section on the Home page, it might give you some idea of what’s to come. 🙂